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 Thanks to everyone for stopping by my page.  This is just to give you a small insight of my journey and why I have chosen to write this book.  So thank you for all your support.  I hope everyone will enjoy reading my novel as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  I had many ideas inside of me, so I decided to finally put them on paper and see where it leads to and now I am a author.
I am blessed that I get to share my life with good people and a loving family.  If you ever have any doubt about anything in your life beause of anyone or circumstances, just try stepping out on faith and doing somethiong new.  Again thank you all.


  ​"This novel is dedicated to all those beautiful women who spent
years searching for something that was right in front of them.  Never
 take for granted the strength you possess inside and learn to love who you
are without validation from others"

​Tina Love-Silvers
"Exert from "Choose Me
Chapter  2
 Taylor ask if I wanted to go to the local club and listen to some Salsa, so we went and as soon  as we walked in, there was this man leaning up against the bar kind of nodding his head to the music.  I was literally staring at him. I must have look retarded just staring at this man like I never seen a man before. And damn he was looking so good.